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Wednesday Wish List

29 Mar

My Five for this Wednesday’s Wishlist
For accessibility…









For being inconspicuous








For Comfortably…














For Beauty…
















For Style…







Can’t wait…maybe the last one...this is a wish list, but comfort comes first!

Latest Cosmetic Obsession

22 Mar

Is it me or is it that every time you go to a MAC counter to pick up lip gloss, and eyeshadow, you forget your empties and end up with five other things!

These are my latest obsessions

Crazy For MAC


20 Mar

I’m usually not big on girly prints, but the sales associate at Bloomingdales got me to try on a pair of these J Brand large floral skinny jeans. They fit me perfectly in all the right places. My question is why is it that every time I go to check out a sale I end up with nothing on sale? My justification…I can wear them with so many things.















Sleepless in Seattle

11 Mar

I can see why there are many sleepless nights. This rain is for the birds…or shall I say semi-lonely and depressed. My hair can’t take anymore!!! You’re considered a tourist if you have an umbrella…wet with messy hair if you don’t. On the flipside there is some great fashion, cool people, and lots of great food and things to see. Below are just a few things I prepped myself for while taking advantage of the no sales tax the day before.


One Night in Portland…Eight Things I’m Rocking

10 Mar

When I arrived at the PDX in Portland…I couldn’t help but think…I’m def not in LA anymore! You can usually get a vibe of the area once you land. At first glance I noticed hippies, skaters, old folks and men in business suits I thought “clearly not for me.” However once I hit the Pearl District I was really impressed with the upscale yet very trendy vibe of the area. There were so many interesting shops and restaurants…let me not forget no SALES TAX!!!

More to Come on this trip…

8 Things I'm Rocking in Portland

Loved some of the decor at this little spot called Jinx…kinda makes me want a Vespa



While You Were Sleeping

9 Mar

While you were sleeping…I couldn’t sleep, so I found myself reading every article I could find on my iphone. I stumbled on a poem in a Dear Abby column. It was a great poem about forgiveness by the late Robert Muller. Robert Muller is a former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The poem is called “Decide to Forgive,” and it goes like this…

Decide to forgive

For resentment is negative

Resentment is poisonous

Resentment diminishes and devours the self.

Be the first to forgive,

To smile and to take the first step

And you will see happiness bloom

On the face of your human brother or sister.

Be always the first

Do not wait for others to forgive

For by forgiving

You become the master of fate

The fashioner of life

A doer of miracles.

To forgive is the highest,

Most beautiful form of love.

In return you will receive

Untold peace and happiness.

She then follows with a daily forgiveness schedule…well worth checking out.

Private Dancer: Naomi Campbell Pays Tribute To Tina Turner

1 Mar

Naomi Campbell may be known for her fierce temper…but at 41 she is FIERCE as she channels the Iconic Tina Turner in the V Magazine 2012 issue!

Photographed by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi, styled by Joanne Blades, Naomi ROCKS fringed frocks by Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Bliss Lau and Bluemarine as she channels rock n’ roll legend Tina Turner.