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My Little Secret…Really it’s No Secret

23 Apr

As I was helping a client find a dress for a night out, she was really concerned about her remaining baby weight. Never mind the fact that she looked great just a month after having a baby, says “If I was skinny like you this dress would be perfect.” I told her that spanx was my best friend, not because I was worried about my weight, but there is nothing like a smooth, finished look. That’s exactly was spanx creates. She looked at me is disbelief, so YES I showed her my spanx. We’re both women, and most of us wear them right? However there is a secret, and I tell you this to save yourself some embarrassment. Never Ever let your significant other see you put them on or take them off. It’s something most men just don’t understand.



Ready to Bring Out The Gladiators

22 Apr


Jennifer Lopez wears these Giuseppe Zanotti, wedge gladiator boots well. It’s getting warmer in LA, so remember these are not usually the best pick if your gonna be outside all day. These are fierce for an indoor event.

Wednesday Wishlist…Affrimations Wrapped

18 Apr

Do you believe in affirmations? I do…it is said that positive affirmations can bring about positive attitudes towards life, success and health.  A positive attitude is the fuel that drives all great outcomes in our lives, and why not wear them around our wrists as a reminder throughout the day.  BCBGeneration has great accessories to remind oneself that an affirmation is something that is affirmed or declared to be true.

My top five…


I control my own happiness, and life’s direction…


My dreams guide me in the direction of my desires…


My faith lifts me above my fears…


Love is attracted to me, and I am attracted to love…