Sleepless in Seattle

11 Mar

I can see why there are many sleepless nights. This rain is for the birds…or shall I say semi-lonely and depressed. My hair can’t take anymore!!! You’re considered a tourist if you have an umbrella…wet with messy hair if you don’t. On the flipside there is some great fashion, cool people, and lots of great food and things to see. Below are just a few things I prepped myself for while taking advantage of the no sales tax the day before.


One Response to “Sleepless in Seattle”

  1. styleonthecouch March 18, 2012 at 12:38 am #

    I have similar feelings about London in the rain, and on the flip side in london too there is lots of culture and fun in the pub. Many of these pieces reminded me of Paris, too – very chic! And I love he blue skinnies here.

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