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Wondering What Time It Is: Charlize Theron for Dior VIII Timepieces

10 Oct


Wednesday Wishlist

18 Jul

I’m a firm believer that your accessories and a great pair of footwear can make or break an outfit. Not only can they make or break what you were intending…but they can transform the Simplest outfit to a Statement.

My Top Five:

I love to cuff my denim and with anyone of these Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps…well you can’t tell me much.

For when I loose track of time…

If you didn’t know…I love cuffs, hate spiders, but this Tom Binns Spider Cuff is HOT!!

For Necessities Only…

And while weary of Snakes…it’s best to keep them Wrapped Around Your Finger…

A Time For Reflection

27 Jun
A Time For Reflection

A friend recently asked me my opinion of a watch, and from the description it seemed to die for. When I saw the watch it was cool, stylish and BIG. It definitely screamed LOOK AT MY WATCH!!! Maybe it’s me, but I’ve noticed that people don’t really wear watches anymore.

I’ve often thought that maybe it was a sign of the times esp with cell phones and other amazing technology…who really needs a watch? I do believe that a watch can be a great accessory to most outfits…I truly believe that as we get older a watch becomes more of a Status Symbol. Even with the Michael Kors phenomenon I believe I find that when putting on the big face…its just that…putting on a big face.

A watch…unlike your car…a watch can clearly determine style, sophistication, got lucky, earned it, housewife, made it, almost making it, undecided, either option…its a time for reflection. The purchase of a watch for a lot of people is like purchasing your first home, paying off your student loans, or even landing your first big deal.I’m not saying go drop $10,000 on a watch, but look around you and you will see that people aren’t wearing watches.

Is it a sign of poor economic times (I doubt…look at who’s wearing and who’s watching), technology of a new era, or do we not care what time it is and we are just getting by knowing that a Mercedes is so much easier to obtain. Time is something that we cant get back and often during reflection we wish we weren’t late, said or did some thing different, excited about the things we have, or things we’re going to get…are you wearing a watch, and if so…what does your watch say about you???